One of the best things about growing up is experiencing and challenging yourself to everything, keeping your mind open and accepting that whether the experience ends up being good or bad, it is the experience itself that will make it the best choice you ever made.

I have always been one to face new challenges but the past five or so months I have been independently facing life I have been more aware and willing to take on more challenges; before I may have needed someone else to convince me, everything now is of my own choice.

My latest challenge i decided to take on and felt was worth sharing was going to a gig on my own. Going to see a band live is seen as a social event and although when you think about it there’s nothing wrong with going to watch a band you love live I think society sees it sometimes as something weird to want to experience.

Hence why I have decided to share my experience, in my opinion i think it is something everyone should definitely try once. The band I witnessed by myself was Electric 6, tickets were cheap, they were performing in my home town, a really nice and easy choice to start with.

Before heading to the gig I decided a glass of wine would be nice to help relax my mind ready for the event, this turned into three quarters of a bottle and I was in a pleasant state. This is something to bear in mind I guess, although I am pretty certain I would have been still comfortable facing the gig sober, I have to admit this was not the case, although I was not out of it either- I was in that happy content state that is always good to reach when it comes to consuming alcohol.

Arriving in good time, there was a waiting period. The bar staff were friendly and everyone was just mingling so, just a bit of phone scrolling was needed here and there whilst waiting for the performance to start.

Overall there was two support bands and the main band that performed. Sipping on my drink I got through the first two bands quite happily as the crowd slowly grew, everyone was focusing on the bands or chatting amongst themselves to give a damn about me standing there tapping my feet to the beat of the music.

When Electric 6 started the crowd was much bigger, not a sell out kind of crowd but still very cosy. The atmosphere and the people made this an experience one to remember. Being alone did not make a difference to me at the gig, instead I was more aware of the music and the good vibes being created by the crowd. I ended up exchanging conversation to 5 strangers that night as well as a brief smile and dance with a older lady- the crowd was varied in ages which made it even better.

Anyone who knows me, will understand that even though I am not a complete introvert but making conversation without the assistance of friends around just suggest how easy it is to strike up conversation or meet new people at a gig, most of the time they will speak to you first and you just continue the conversation, simple.

To sum it up though, I had the best experience of my life and with a ticket for another band paid for in May, i am already buzzing to go, no longer worried about going alone to another concert.

A honest and genuine answer to literally a very rewarding experience, so if you have been that person who decided not to go to a gig because no one you knew would go with you, I say do it! You don’t need someone to go along with you, embrace the challenge and go and experience something new, there’s nothing to be ashamed of and you get to hear the music from your favourite band live, a experience you can remember for life and share with many other people who you also got to share it with.


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